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@Mohammed – Thank you for the detailed feedback and here is my response to your questions:

Google Home: We’re hard at work to provide full support, and we’re excited to have it ready soon! Updates will be posted in our forum. Stay tuned!

Announcements: Great idea! We’re all about making things more accessible so I’ll forward this on over to my product team!

ONVIF and RTSP protocol: Just a heads up, the camera isn’t currently designed for open-source protocols or NVR connectivity, but we do have local storage with ‘Events’ and ‘Playback’ for easy video storage and downloadability. While I can’t confirm future compatibility for the protocols, I’ve shared your interest with my product team! When you get your hands on our camera, give the ‘Co-watch’ feature a go. It lets you start time-based, password-protected remote viewing via URL. Cool stuff awaits!

Implementing the camera’s feed into Google Meet: Another great idea! Definitely an enhancement request I can push to our product team for feedback.

Your enthusiasm for our brand is super appreciated! Even though you haven’t snagged a camera yet, we want to change that. Since you’re part of the giveaway on the ‘Activities’ forum, let’s speed up the process. Shoot an email over to with your shipping info, and I’ll personally send a camera your way. Your insights mean a lot to us, and we’d love to invite you to join our beta group as well. There, you’ll get an exclusive sneak peek at our app updates, AI features, and more. Just drop a note in your email if you’re interested, and I’ll share all the details!