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Hi Psync Team!

I heard about you guys from the recent techhive article that was published yesterday and wanted to check you out for myself. I really like the Psync Camera Genie S’s unique design– nice work! Your website and product material sold me and I wanted a camera to test it out for myself. I didn’t purchase one yet, however I wanted to offer some suggestions right off the bat:

There are a few articles online that mentions Google Home and Alexa compatibility, however your FAQs clearly state that the camera is only compatible with Alexa. Is there an ETA on Google Home compatibility?

I’m a fan of the use of GPT in the camera space. Will the camera be able to announce what it recognizes to smart speakers/smart devices? This is something that Arlo’s Smart Notifications service does which I find very helpful. It would be great if Psync can do something similar. This can be extremely helpful for business owners too since they can leave a camera in the lobby and then broadcast to Google Speakers throughout the building that someone arrived to the lobby.

Will the camera support the ONVIF protocol so it can be integrated into NVR systems? What about the RTSP protocol for IP web streaming?

Since the camera can automatically follow subjects as they are moving, I thought implementing the camera’s feed into Google Meet would be awesome. There is software already on the web that converts IP camera feeds into a computer webcam feed (SplitCam is one that is free), however in order for that to work, a valid RTSP or ONVIF link/access would be needed.

I love that you offer a 1-year warranty on your cameras, which tells me you stand by the products you create. I also love that you chose to make your cameras affordable to all. Let me know if you have any questions or would like me to expand on anything I mentioned. Looking forward to watching your company grow! 🙂