🐶 Keeping an eye on the fur baby

Amid the pandemic, I decided to bring a little fur baby into my life, and her name is Luna. As things started to settle down and companies called employees back to the office, I had to face the fact that Luna would be home alone. To be honest, I think I was more upset about it than she was. 😂 I had a camera to keep an eye on Luna before, but it didn’t quite cut it.

Then, the Psync Camera Genie S came into the picture. Now I can always keep tabs on her, chat with her through the camera, and get instant alerts about her activities. I promise I’m not an overly attached dog mom… well, maybe just a little… Here’s a video of my precious fur baby snoozing on the couch. 🐶💕

Click on the image below to watch the video!

Dog relaxing on couch


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Such a cute puppy

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